Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Free Printable Snowman Emotions Activity

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Looking for a way to teach kids about emotions this winter? Try this free printable snowman emotions activity for kids! It's a great way for kids to build their emotional vocabulary.

This cute little snowman activity is the perfect way to work on emotional skills with your kids this winter. 

It's also a great activity for kids of all ages! You can even use it to target other skills besides emotions, such as fine motor skills or speech. Don't worry, I provide some ideas for how to use this printable later in the post.

So if you're ready to make learning emotions fun this winter, then you're definitely going to want to grab a copy of this snowman emotions activity! The real question though you want to build a snowman? (Please tell me you sung that!)

Free printable snowman emotions activity for kids

About this Snowman Emotions Activity for Kids

In this activity, kids can learn about different emotions all with a cute snowman theme. The idea is to pair a snowman face or expression with a matching emotion word and add these items to the image of a snowman.

Essentially, this activity is a snowman emotions matching game where you are matching a facial expression of a snowman with a related emotion word. 

To play, simply pick a snowman face or expression and add it to the snowman's head. Then find a matching emotion word that matches the snowman face they picked. 

Or you could start by picking the emotion word first and then finding the correct expression to put on the snowman. 

By the way, there are 50+ different emotion word cards included. With that many words, you know we're going beyond basic emotions vocabulary here! 

And speaking of emotion words, you can easily customize this activity to fit your child and their social emotional development needs. For example, there are three blank cards included so that you can write your own emotion words. 

Another way to customize this activity is to just pick and choose which words you want to target or include. Maybe you have a younger child and want to stick to easier emotion words like happy or sad. Or maybe you have an older child who's ready for words like disappointed and optimistic.

Another way to play with this emotions snowman is to laminate the snowman image and use a dry erase marker. By the way, here's the laminator I use and love. Once it's all laminated, kids can draw their own funny snowman faces and write a corresponding emotion word in the box. I'm sure that their own emotional snowman will be super cute using this variation!

You could also do some cut and paste work with this snowman activity to build fine motor skills. But then you would need to print a few copies of the snowman image. See, there are lots of different possibilities for how to use this cute little snowman pack!

Download the Free Snowman Emotions Printable

This four page printable includes one snowman, 16 faces representing different snowman feelings, 57 emotion words, and 3 blank cards to write emotion words on. To get your copy of the snowman emotions activity, click the link below.

>> Click here to download the free printable

Free printable snowman emotions activity for kids