Friday, April 15, 2022

Free Printable License Plate Template for Kids

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Looking for blank license plate templates for kids? Check out this free printable license plate template that allows kids to design and make their very own license plates.

When my own hyperlexic son was about 18 months, we used to walk around our neighborhood to look at license plates. He loved pointing out all the letters and numbers that he saw. It was one of his favorite outdoor activities even as he grew older.

Many hyperlexic and autistic kids, like my son, have a fascination with license plates. Especially when they're toddlers and preschoolers. It can be a great source of passion for them. On the flip side though, it can also be the cause of some safety issues, especially in parking lots.

I created this free printable license plate template with hyperlexic kids in mind. It gives them a safer way to play and explore license plates. They can create their own or try out endless combinations using the included letters and numbers or with their letter and number magnets.

So if your kid is wild about license plates too, then you're going to love these blank license plate printables!

Free printable license plate template for kids

About this Free Printable License Plate Template Pack

This license plate printable pack is designed with license plate loving kids in mind. It gives them a chance to create their own custom license plates. And as many times as they want. Or in any way that they want.

It includes a North American style license plate and a UK style license plate, as well as letters and numbers in a license plate font. 

Although, as you'll see below, you don't have to use the included letters and numbers. You could pair this printable pack with your child's favorite alphabet and letter manipulatives, such as number and letter magnets, a dry erase marker, or play dough.

How to Use this License Plate Template Printable

There are lots of different ways you can use this set of blank license plates. So I thought I would share a few different options.

  • Laminate all the pieces and use these letters and numbers to create custom license plates again and again. You could even add velcro dots to the letters and license plate (or use sticky tack) to make the letters and numbers stick and stay in place.
  • Use alphabet and number magnets to create different license plate numbers or to practice sight words or spelling words. I bet your hyperlexic child would love license plate spelling practice! Be sure to try it on a magnetic surface like a fridge for added fun. Simply hang up the blank template with magnets.
  • Laminate the blank template and then use a dry erase marker to write out different license plate numbers (or spelling like the idea above).
  • Use the blank plates as a coloring sheet to draw and design your own custom plate.
  • Turn it into an activity to practice scissor skills and gluing. Simply cut and paste the included letters and numbers onto the blank license plate.
  • Make a name craft. Cut and paste the letters of your name onto the blank template to create a vanity license plate.
  • Laminate the blank template and use play dough to make letters and numbers for the license plate.

I am sure there are lots of other ideas you could come up with to make use of these blank license plates so get creative!

Download the Blank License Plate Templates

This printable license plate pack includes two different plate templates. It also includes some letters and numbers that can be used to design the plates. It is six pages total.

To get your copy of the printable license plate template pack, click the link below:

>> Click here to download the free printable

Free printable license plate template for kids