Thursday, September 29, 2022

Free Printable Trying New Foods Chart

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A free printable trying new foods chart. It's a great tool to let kids or picky eaters rate new foods as they try them.

It can sometimes be tricky to get kids to try new foods, especially if they are picky eaters to begin with. 

They'll judge those new foods with their eyeballs well before it touches their taste buds and leave you with wonderful reviews such as "What is this junk?" or "Eww gross." A the head chef, it can be discouraging and frustrating when they won't even try it.

So that's where this trying new foods chart comes in. It gives kids a place to track their own food preferences each and every time they try a new food. 

After all, if they're going to be a food critic, you might as well make it official and put their reviews in writing, right? 😅 

Free printable trying new foods chart for kids

How to Use this Trying New Foods Chart for Kids

It's really easy and straightforward to use this printable. All your kid needs to do is write or draw the food they're trying on the blank line and then rate it after giving it a try. You could even read this trying new foods social story first to prep them.

There are two versions included so that means two different rating systems. They can either color in an emoji that reflects how they feel about the food (four possible choices). Or they can give it a star rating out of five. And zero stars is totally allowed!

Please note that this chart is not a reward chart or sticker chart. Your kid doesn't earn a prize for filling it in or anything. It's simply a tool for the child to track their own food preferences. 

The main objective with this food chart is to encourage your child to rate new foods as they try them. That way you have a better understanding (as well as a written record!) of what foods they like or don't like. It's a simple way for them to communicate their preferences.

This try new foods chart is a great way for kids to show their food preferences

Once your child has recorded a few answers, you can start to look for any patterns, if there are any. Just like you do with this picky eating tracking sheet. Then you might have a better idea of what foods you can offer going forward. 

You can also use this chart to remind your child that they gave this particular food a smiley face last time so they'll likely like it again if they take a bite. I know, with my youngest son, he doesn't always remember if he likes something or not, so he can reflect back on his previous ratings and remember that he liked it (or not!) last time.

Kids won't try new foods? Try this try new foods chart printable!

Download the Trying New Foods Chart

This printable includes two versions: one with smiley faces and one with stars. Simply pick which one your kid would like best and go from there! To get your copy of the trying new foods chart, enter your name and email in the form below.

Free printable trying new foods chart for kids