Brushing Teeth Printable Toolkit for Kids

Printable life skills toolkit for kids about how to brush their teeth

Brushing Teeth Printable Toolkit

Printable resources to help your kids master brushing their teeth independently!

This printable pack focuses on teaching the skill of how to brush teeth independently. Filled with visual aids, a detailed social story, and a routine chart, this pack is a great tool for kids with autism or hyperlexia. It also includes activities to help with language, comprehension, and WH questions, all based on the theme of brushing teeth. There's also a dental health I spy game and matching game for added fun and learning!

*Note: This is a digital product.*


What's Included in this Brushing Teeth Printable Toolkit

Here's what you'll get in this brushing teeth printable toolkit:

  • Social story about how to brush your teeth

  • Visual schedule cards that outline the steps needed to brush your teeth (matches the popular free visual schedule cards found on the blog!)

  • Brushing teeth themed comprehension cards

  • Chart to keep track of when and how often to brush your teeth

  • Visual routine script to show the steps required to brush your teeth
  • Hidden rules sorting activity about brushing your teeth

  • Sequence cards to reinforce the step-by-step process of brushing your teeth

  • WH question cards that teach kids what, why, how, and when to use toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.

  • Dental health themed I spy game

  • Dental health themed matching game
*Note: This is a digital product.*



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