Conversation Skills Social Story Bundle

Printable social stories for kids about conversation skills

Conversations Skills Social Story Bundle Pack

A collection of 31 social stories to help kids navigate playtime!

Social stories are a great tool for helping kids navigate different social situations. This bundle pack of 31 social stories is based on the theme of conversation skills and will help your kids understand the ins and outs of conversations from introducing themselves to telling jokes to staying on topic.

I made it a mission to include real photographs of real children like yours and mine in each social story I write. I also aim to include a wide variety of children in those photos so that all children feel represented.

*Note: This is a digital product.*

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What's Included in this Conversation Skills Social Story Bundle Pack

Here's what you'll get in this bundle pack:

  • 31 different social stories related to conversation skills

  • Each social story uses full color photographs of real children (say goodbye to clipart-only social stories!)

  • Scripts are given where needed to help provide your child with the language they need to be successful in the given social scenario

  • Careful consideration was given when choosing the photos for these social stories to represent all children

  • The topics in this bundle are: greeting others, staying on topic, starting a conversation, think it don't say it, no copying others, lying, saying goodbye, asking for help, saying sorry, name calling and nicknames, interrupting others, introducing myself, being polite, accepting no, accepting criticism, making eye contact, ending a conversation, asking questions, eavesdropping, being a good listener, compliments, tattling vs telling, voice volume, perspective taking, answering the phone, when people don't respond, bragging, arguing, personal space, telling jokes, rumors and gossip.

*Note: This is a digital product.*

$77.50 US | BUY NOW!

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