Everyday Sensory Play: 600+ Easy Ways to Give Kids the Sensory Input They Crave

Everyday Sensory Play: 600+ Easy Ways to Give Kids the Sensory Input They Crave eBook from And Next Comes L

Everyday Sensory Play (ebook)

600+ easy ways to give kids the sensory input they crave!

When you think of sensory play you likely think of a sensory bin to touch and feel, right?

Well, sensory play is more than just a tactile sensory bin experience. While kids learn through sensory play by touching, tasting, seeing, smelling, and hearing the world around them, they also need vestibular and proprioceptive sensory input. And kids with sensory issues and/or autism often need even more of those everyday sensory experiences.

It can get a bit overwhelming to find and plan a sensory diet for your child, but Everyday Sensory Play will help make things easier for you. With over 600+ everyday sensory strategies, you can easily start implementing these simple tips and ideas into your child's daily routine.

*Note: This is a digital product.*

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What's Included in Everyday Sensory Play

Intended for parents and educators who work with children with sensory issues and/or autism, this ebook lists everyday sensory activities designed to give your children the right sensory input that they want and need. It includes:

  • 600+ easy sensory activities that you can implement today

  • Activities sorted by category (oral, auditory, tactile, proprioceptive, vestibular, olfactory, visual) to make it even easier to find the right activities for your child
  • 25+ sensory play tips and strategies

  • Huge list of calming heavy work suggestions, sorted into home activities and school activities

  • Each page works as a printable cheat sheet that you can hang up and keep handy at all times
*Note: This is a digital product.*

$7 US | BUY NOW!

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