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Just like you, I am a parent of a neurodivergent child. I know what it is like to be handed a diagnosis you know nothing about. I know what it is like to advocate for your child in a broken system. I know how busy and expensive life with neurodiverse children can be.

If you are going to be a strong advocate and parent for your child, then you deserve access to resources and community support. Let's push past the confusion, overwhelm, and loneliness a diagnosis can bring to a family and instead work on supporting you to be more knowledgeable, better prepared, and part of a supportive community. The mantra around here is:

Helping you become knowledgeable about your child's diagnosis, arming you with tools to improve day to day life, and giving you the supportive community you need. 

For the diagnosis stage...

For your parenting struggles...

For your advocacy journey...

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