Personal Space Social Skill Pack

I don't know about you, but my kids are personal space invaders. They invade my space all the time. I know I'm not the only one with little space invaders, which is why I put together this space invaders themed personal space social skill pack for kids.

Space themed personal space social skill pack for kids from And Next Comes L

About the Personal Space Social Skill Pack

This social skill pack is designed to reinforce concepts of personal space with kids in a fun way, using bright colorful aliens to illustrate the differences between being a space invader (aka showing bad personal space) and being a friend who shows good personal space.

This pack includes:

  • Personal space "bubbles" poster showing the invisible bubble of personal space that people have
  • Personal space invader checklist poster to help kids learn how to pick up on the clues that they might be invading someone's personal space
  • Personal space poster with the one arm length rule that is ideal for getting just the right amount of personal space
  • Personal space cue cards that kids can keep handy on a binder ring so that they can reference and/or practice what good personal space looks like
  • Personal space invader meter to help kids visually see and identify when they are standing too close, too far, or just right
  • Personal space invader sorting activity to help kids practice identifying the nonverbal cues from the checklist

How to Purchase Your Copy

This social skill pack is a digital file, which means you are purchasing a PDF copy. That means you can open the pack on any computer or mobile device and print off a copy (or two!).

Please note that there are no returns or refunds due to the digital nature of these products. EU readers must purchase through the appropriate links or your order will be automatically refunded.

$3.00 US

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