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This privacy policy was last updated November 11, 2019 to add a Pinterest-friendly image because, for some reason, people like to pin this. Maybe for inspiration to write their own? I don't know, but at least it will look pretty when they pin it now.

Privacy policies are boring to read and to write, yo,
So I'll give writing a rhyming privacy policy a go.

You see, your privacy is important to me,
That's why I have to have one of these legally.

How do I collect your data? You'll find out below.
How is your data used? I'll let you know!

By using this website, you agree to this policy.
If any changes are made, the date at the top will change, you see.

Rhyming not your thing? No worries, but, honestly, that's kind of lame,
If you prefer, you can also read the boring version (as shown by its name).

A blog privacy policy that people will actually read (because it's totally not boring)

About And Next Comes L

And Next Comes L is an independently operated blog run by me.
The name is Dyan Robson. Based in Canada, is where I be.

This website shares sensory activities for kids, it's true.
It expanded to include hyperlexia and autism resources as it grew.

I also make a lot of free printable resources for you.
Whether you're a teacher or a parent, there's always something new.

How Information is Collected

There are 5 main ways your information is collected.
One of those ways is: you loved a post and then you commented.

Maybe you subscribed to my newsletter, the Weekly Autism Planner,
Or maybe you purchased something from the store or by clicking a banner.

I also use cookies, not the yummy ones you eat,
To store information about visitor preferences - it's really quite neat!

Finally, Google Analytics is something I use too.
It gives me information on website traffic from visitors like you.

Weekly Autism Planner Newsletter

If you decide to join this awesome newsletter of mine,
Your first name and email address are required, if that's fine.

We require your email address in order to send emails to you.
Your name helps me personalize the emails a bit better too!

You're welcome to use a pseudo-name, if you'd like instead,
So pick something fun like Mrs. Awesome or Mr. Poopyhead.

Then all the emails will be addressed accordingly
And make you giggle with each email you see.

At the bottom of each email, there's a link to unsubscribe, okay?
You may unsubscribe any time and any day.

If you are having trouble unsubscribing or need help from me,
Send an email to You'll be removed promptly.

Active Campaign is who I use to send my emails each week.
Their privacy policy is here, if you want to take a peek.

Tags are used within Active Campaign to track your visits and actions,
So that future emails can be better tailored to your needs and get reactions.

Currently, a minimum of two emails per week you will receive.
Occasionally, I'll email you about products and promotions you'll like, I believe.

I also use a third party application called Leadpages, you see,
That directly emails you a link to download the printables that are free.

You can read more about their privacy policy here,
But it won't be as fun or in rhymes, I fear.

P.S. your email and name are never sold or given away.
Your information is kept safe and I'll keep it that way.

All my emails are CAN-SPAM compliant, it's true,
So every email contains these things too:

Information on how to contact the sender - that's me -
And a link to unsubscribe so you can be free.


Love something you read on my blog? That's great!
So tell me about it through a comment you create.

Please be aware that all comments are public on here.
So avoid leaving detailed personal info...Okay, my dear?

While anyone can read the comments that you write,
Your email address is never shared or disclosed, alright?

But your name and comment will definitely show,
And comments deemed inappropriate, spammy, or profane will go.

I reserve the right to remove bad comments without notice, okay.
But anything helpful or constructive will certainly stay.

Store Purchases

The products you find in the And Next Comes L store are sold
Through SendOwl, Gumroad, and Teachers Pay Teachers, as you've now been told.

Your name, email, and country are required during the checkout process.
The country is required because the EU VAT tax, to me, is a confusing mess!

But I need to know if this tax should be applied to you.
That's why I need to know if the country you're in, is in the EU.

Obviously, I need your email to send the products digitally,
And your name is needed so you can be addressed personally.

The details you enter are stored by the third parties mentioned above,
All payments are made through PayPal, which I love.

Sometimes I sell products via affiliate programs too.
Each program collects and retains their own data, much like I do.

Information collected by these affiliate programs are not accessible by me,
So to learn more about these programs, read their policies.


Cookies provide useful information on things you do on my blog.
Then store user-specific information into a log.

These cookies aren't delicious, they're really quite bland,
But here are some of our cookie brands:

I use cookies from Amazon. Here's what they do.
They help me advertise products and make a small commission, it's true.

Facebook has cookies, in the form of Facebook pixel, did you know?
I can use them to tailor ads to help my Facebook page grow.

There's Google Analytics cookies too.
They track website traffic and the behavior of visitors like you.

Remember my email service provider, Active Campaign is the name?
They have cookies here to help with my tagging game.

Shareholic has social sharing cookies,
This allows you to pin and share like pros - move over rookies.

Then there's the cookies for OneSignal too,
That sends a pop up notification to you.

There are Sumo cookies too, to help you make a social share.
Read how their cookies work, if you care.

That's all the cookies in this cookie jar,
They help to make your experience here better, near or far.

Google Analytics

In order to continually provide valuable information to you,
And Next Comes L uses Google Analytics, like most websites do.

This service tracks website usage and user behavior, yes,
Which I can use to adapt the content here, so I don't have to guess.

It gives me aggregated data about location, gender, interests, and age.
It may also capture your IP address when you click around and engage.

User and event data will not expire automatically, FYI,
And is used for "creating unusual custom reporting" - that's straight from them, not I.

But don't worry, I have no way to personally identify you.
So yep, this also uses those boring internet cookies, it's true.

Advertisements on And Next Comes L

Since blogging is my job, after all,
And Next Comes L runs advertisements via Mediavine for y'all.

They may use cookies or web beacons when they advertise here,
In order to show tailored ads to you, every day of the year.

Social Media Privacy

I'm on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest too!
I use various social media platforms. Yes, I sure do.

But anything you post on my social media channels is up to you,
So know that I'm not responsible for anything you say or do.

Parental Consent

Hey you, if you are under 16 years old,
You must have your parent's permission first, so do as you're told.

Final Notes on this Privacy Policy

You have the right to access your personal data - you bet you do -
And know how your data is processed for you.

Hopefully this privacy policy explained all of it awhile ago.
And entertained you enough to read the entire policy, though.

Personal info will not be transferred or shared, it's true.
Unless, of course, I'm legally obligated to.

Your info can be removed from my systems at any time,
Please contact, but no need to rhyme.

FYI, And Next Comes L contains links to other websites.
Just note, I'm not responsible for the privacy policies and your rights.

If you have questions or concerns about this privacy policy,
Send an email to and addressed to me.

A blog privacy policy that people will actually read (because it's totally not boring)


  1. This is awesome! It was so much fun to read and I learned a lot. Thank you Dyan you’ve raised the bar on privacy policies and win the internet for today. :-)

    1. Why thanks, my friend,
      Glad you read it to the end!

  2. Lol! Psuedo name like Mrs. Awesome or Mr. Poopypants! This is great, Dyan!

    1. I'm so happy that I could entertain you
      Since being creative is what I like to do!

  3. Best privacy ever I said,
    I only wish I signed up with "Miss Crazyhead"

    1. I see rhyming is contagious for you,
      Your comment certainly made me laugh - it's true.

      So, Miss Crazyhead, mad props to you for writing a rhyme,
      And I'm relieved that reading this didn't waste your time!

  4. Incredible rhyme and well done, by golly!
    I read the whole thing and send you a high five from Holly.

    1. Thanks for the high five, Holly, my dear,
      I hope everything in this policy is now super clear.

  5. Wow and big thanks to Dyan and crew
    You really have given us something fun to view
    Such a great idea to make it all rhyme
    It must have taken alot of your time
    Really enjoy all that you do
    So sending warm fuzzies to all of you.

    1. Awe, warm fuzzies are simply the best!
      You certainly put your rhyming to the test.
      By writing such a lovely rhyming comment here
      I think you are a new best friend, my dear!

  6. That took time for you to do! Great Job!

    1. Yes it's true, to write, it did take a bit of time
      But isn't it so much more fun to write and read in rhyme?

  7. Policies are boring, but necessary to do. However, reading yours was great fun to view.

    1. Boring is right, I gave it a try,
      But simply reading it made me want to cry.

      Thankfully all it needed was a rhyme or two,
      And the privacy policy was like brand new!

  8. This was fun reading for me.
    I love your rhyming policy!

    1. Just a regular Dr. Seuss am I,
      Thanks for giving rhyming in your comment a try!

  9. This is really an awesome way to write a Privacy Policy. Dyan, you are really very creative. Thanks for the fun! I enjoyed every bit of it.