Social Scripts Mini Flip Books Bundle

Awkward social skills are a common feature of hyperlexia. These kids are literal and struggle with conversations so sometimes they say something that either doesn't make sense or isn't entirely appropriate to say in a particular social scenario.

Now you can help them learn what is and is not appropriate to say during social interactions with this collection of social scripts mini flip books for kids.

16 social scripts mini flip books for kids with autism or hyperlexia from And Next Comes L

About the Social Scripts Mini Flip Books Bundle

This pack includes 16 different sets of social scripts mini flip books, with lots of blank templates to write your own variations. Many of these social scripts are exclusive to this bundle and will not be found elsewhere on my blog. This bundle pack includes:

  1. How to say sorry
  2. Asking to use the bathroom or washroom
  3. When I don't like something
  4. Bodily noises
  5. Giving a compliment
  6. Receiving a compliment
  7. Greeting people
  8. Saying goodbye
  9. Losing a game
  10. Playing at the playground
  11. Receiving a gift
  12. Saying no
  13. Table manners
  14. Turn taking & sharing
  15. When I am frustrated or angry
  16. When I need help
Each speech and social scripts mini flip book gives appropriate prompts for kids with autism or hyperlexia to say during certain social scenarios. Each mini flip book is small in size, so it can fit in the palm of your hand or be tossed in a bag for on the go.

Kids with hyperlexia or autism often have trouble knowing how to express themselves or how to respond appropriately in social scenarios. Scripts, like these, can help them learn what to say and what not to say. They’re like text only mini social stories that you can take on the go!

The scripts are just there to help your kid choose an appropriate way to respond. Use these scripts ahead of time to practice and role play so that they will learn to express themselves when the time is right. With time, you can hopefully phase the scripts out.

To assemble the mini flip books, simply print out the social scripts you’re interested in and cut along the black lines. You might want to laminate the cards for durability. Then assemble the books by stapling one edge or by hole punching the cards and using a small binder ring to hold them together.

How to Purchase Your Copy

This social scripts bundle is a digital file, which means you are purchasing a PDF copy. That means you can read the book on any computer or mobile device and print off a copy.

Please note that there are no returns or refunds due to the digital nature of these products. EU readers must purchase through the appropriate links or your order will be automatically refunded.

EU readers please use either of the links below to purchase your copy.


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  2. looking forward to working with my deaf students and using the Flip book!

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