Speech Barrier Games Bundle Pack

One of the best tools that we have encountered during my son's therapy appointments over the years was barrier games. Our wonderful speech pathologist introduced us to these barrier games and they did wonders for developing my son's speech. So, naturally, I was inspired to make my own set of speech therapy barrier games for kids.

Speech therapy barrier game printables from And Next Comes L

About the Barrier Games Bundle Pack

Each barrier game in this pack includes a landscape or scene and a set of related objects. Some barrier games in this pack are simple, while others are more complex to allow for a variety of needs to be met. There are 15 different games included in this pack covering the following themes:

  1. Beach
  2. Camping
  3. Christmas Tree Decorating
  4. City
  5. Farm
  6. Forest
  7. Medieval
  8. Ocean
  9. On the Moon
  10. Parking Lot
  11. Pond
  12. Space
  13. Supermarket
  14. Town
  15. Train

How to Purchase Your Copy

This barrier games bundle is a digital file, which means you are purchasing a PDF copy. That means you can read the book on any computer or mobile device and print off a copy.

Please note that there are no returns or refunds due to the digital nature of these products. EU readers must purchase through the appropriate links or your order will be automatically refunded.

$7.00 US

EU readers please use either of the links below to purchase your copy.


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