Monthly Virtual Hyperlexia Support Group for Professionals

Join us for a monthly virtual support group

Need help supporting hyperlexic learners? 

You probably first encountered the term hyperlexia when a hyperlexic child entered your classroom or was added to your caseload, right? There's simply not a lot of information about hyperlexia out there and your university textbooks or professors obviously didn't cover the topic either so you're definitely not alone!

You might be curious about best practices or have a zillion questions about hyperlexia. Well, that's where this virtual support group call on Zoom comes in. Think of it like open office hours where you can drop in and ask your questions. And since it's virtual, you can join from anywhere.

Once a month we'll meet, discuss a particular hyperlexia related topic and discuss how to best support hyperlexic learners. The days and times will change each month so if you can't join us this month, there's always next month!

This group is temporarily closed. Stay tuned for details about future meetings.