Voice Volume Social Story

Printable social story for kids with autism about voice volume

Social Story: Voice Volume

A printable social story for kids about voice volume!

This 16 page social story teaches kids about voice volume.

Like all social stories I write, full color photographs of real children are used instead of clipart. In my experience, full color photos are more relatable to autistic children, like my son, than clipart. Diverse children are included as much as possible so that every child feels represented. Written scripts are also given where needed to help provide the child with the language they need to be successful in the given social scenario.

*Note: This is a digital product.*


About this Printable Social Story

Here's what this social story covers:

  • A definition of what voice volume means

  • When, where, and why to use a quiet voice

  • When, where, and why to use a loud voice

  • How to use distance between people to decide how loud or soft your voice should be when talking, with examples for loud, medium, and soft voices
  • How your voice might change with your emotions/feelings and how your voice might sound in those scenarios

  • A reminder to watch other people's body language for clues regarding your voice volume

  • What people might say when you are too loud or too quiet
*Note: This is a digital product.*



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