Free Weekly Autism Planner

This free autism planner is a visual planner for parents of autistic children to keep track of their child's sensory diet and appointments and just stay organized in general.

When your child is diagnosed as autistic, you're repeatedly told of all the things you should be doing. They need a sensory diet. They need therapy. They need this or that. Etc.

I'm going to tell you, right now, that you don't need do all the things and you can easily support your autistic child right at home. You just might need some support and something to keep you organized.

Well, that's where this free autism planner comes in. It's meant to help you stay organized and best support your autistic child right at home.

Free autism planner for families of autistic children

About the Autism Planner

The Weekly Autism Planner is a blank planner that you can fill in each week to keep track of goals, sensory diet activities, and appointments or meetings. It also has space for you to journal about and reflect on your week. It includes:

  • A goal setting page
  • A page dedicated to planning out sensory diet activities
  • A page dedicated to planning out activities for working on emotions, coping skills, fine motor skills, social skills, etc.
  • An appointment tracking page
  • A weekly reflection page

There are four versions of the autism planner available to best suit your needs:

  • Printable full color version
  • Printable black & white version
  • Digital full color Google Slides version
  • Digital black & white Google Slides version

How to Get Your Copy of the Free Autism Planner

To join and get your copy of the free autism planner, simply enter your details below. You'll then be redirected to instructions on how to access the four different versions of the planner.

Free printable & digital autism planner