Work With And Next Comes L

Like what you see on And Next Comes L and think your brand or your product would be a good fit?

Then send me, Dyan, an email and I would be happy to discuss a customized plan that fits both your brand and mine. I offer a variety of sponsored opportunities that fit all budget sizes!

Please contact me for current rates and availability. Just please understand that although I do read every email, I don't necessarily respond as quick as I would like because...well, life with kids.

Sponsored Social Media Shares

Want a shout out on Facebook? Or want me to help promote your new product on Pinterest? I can certainly help you out there!

Instagram more your thing? Unfortunately, my Instagram days are long behind me. I spent wasted too many hours dealing with people stealing my photos. Kind of zapped my interest there. Not really my thing so unless you can send me a razzle-dazzle pitch that will knock my socks off, I won't be doing any sponsored Instagram work at this time. Insert sad panda face. I know, I know...

Sponsored Blog Posts

A sponsored blog post is the best bang for your buck, to say the least. But, don't worry, I'll avoid cheesy cliches like those when I write the most fantastic blog post about your products.

The best reason to go the blog post route is that you will get continuous promotion across all social media platforms (sweet, right?). Unlike a social media share which will fall prey to some algorithm, a blog post can be seen over and over again.

Plus, you get dreamy looking photos like you'll see in the latest sponsored post I wrote called 5 Things to Know About the Kid who Chews on Everything. This post, by the way, went viral in the first few hours after being published. Who knows...maybe your brand could be next!

Sponsored Eblasts!

I have a large active email list. I regularly cull my list to make sure that only my most engaged and most die-hard fans are always waiting for my next email. I am constantly hovering around 40,000 active subscribers at any given time.

A sponsored eblast is a great way to get a lot of eyeballs on your product or brand! And honestly, it's one of my favorite ways to share your brand or product with my readers.

So...What Kind of Brands Do I Work With?

Well, anything that will be beneficial for my children's ongoing sensory needs is likely to entice me the most.

Or anything that fits with the following topics:

  • Autism
  • Hyperlexia
  • ADHD, specifically the hyperactive/impulsive presentation
  • Sensory processing disorder
  • Giftedness

Contact Me for Rates & Availability

Things are hectic at the Robson residence so convince me of why I should work with your brand!

All I ask is that you at least take the time to make sure you are addressing me by the correct name when you email me. Any emails beginning with "Hey, Dylan" are sure to be laughed at (sorry, not sorry) and tossed away. So let's start off on the right foot, ok?