Friday, March 22, 2013

Wobbly Easter Egg Bunny Craft

When I first made the Wobbly Easter Eggs, I had a vision of turning them into cute little bunnies. Here's how to make a wobbly Easter egg bunny as an Easter craft for kids. It's totally cute, isn't it?

Cute bunny craft for kids using wobbly Easter eggs from And Next Comes L

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Easter Craft: How to Make a Wobbly Easter Egg Bunny

Here's what you'll need to make a wobbly Easter egg bunny:

I made this craft with J's assistance.  I didn't think normal craft glue would do the trick, so I pulled out the hot glue gun instead.  He helped pick out the pompoms and told me to make him a happy bunny.  I don't feel comfortable letting him use a glue least not yet.  So this craft is meant more for older kids.

Wobbly Easter egg bunny craft for kids from And Next Comes L

J was so excited to play with the bunny afterwards.  While I was teaching piano, he sat in the chair in my piano studio talking away to it.  His conversation went like this:

"Whatcha doing bunny?"
"Do you like reading books?"

Haha!  So the bunny lead to some great imaginative play.  However, an hour later, he was missing an ear and was decapitated...

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