Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Process Art with Wobbly Easter Eggs

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Painting with wobbly Easter eggs is a fun Easter process art project for toddlers and preschoolers.

I remember reading about doing some painting using marbles in a box. I, however, don't remember the original post nor did I bookmark it.

Anyway, it was a technique I had been wanting to try so I thought it would be interesting to experiment a bit.

Instead of using marbles, however, I thought it would be neat to see what patterns and marks the wobbly Easter eggs would make if used for painting. It ended up exceeding my expectations! The art turned out beautiful!

Painting with wobbly Easter eggs turned out to be a lovely Easter process art idea for toddlers and preschoolers.

Easter process art with plastic eggs

Easter Process Art for Kids with Wobbly Easter Eggs

Here's what you'll need for this Easter themed process art:

  • Paper
  • Rectangle container with high edges - I used a large plastic container and a 9x13 metal cake pan.
Line the bottom of the container with paper.  Place a wobbly egg on top of the paper.  Put a dab of paint on the paper.  I chose to leave the paint out so that the boys could decide which colors they wanted to use.

Painting with plastic Easter eggs

A Fun Easter Process Art Project for Toddlers & Preschoolers

To paint the paper, just shake the container gently so that the egg will wobble and roll across the paper, dragging paint with it.  

Painting with plastic Easter eggs

Painting with plastic Easter eggs

The boys also enjoyed "stamping" with the wobbly eggs.

Preschool Easter process art project

Process art for toddlers with plastic Easter eggs

Process Art Made with Plastic Easter Eggs

As I mentioned above, the final result was so beautiful.  And it was easy and relatively clean.

Process art made with wobbly Easter eggs

Process art made with wobbly Easter eggs

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Easter process art for preschool and for toddlers using plastic Easter eggs