Thursday, March 03, 2016

Easter STEM Activity

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Looking for Easter STEM activities? Try this simple Easter engineering activity that uses little foam eggs and toothpicks.

It's amazing how different my two kids are.

While my oldest would be content to play with sensory bin after sensory bin and light table activity after light table activity, his younger brother, on the other hand, doesn't. He goes days without showing interest in playing with a sensory activity.

However, offer him a gross motor activity or a building activity and he's totally game!

So this Easter STEM activity was specifically designed for him, hoping it would hold his attention longer than ten minutes or so. Mission accomplished because he spent hours building with these materials. Not only did it engage him fully for a long period of time, but it encouraged him to strengthen his fine motor skills and get creative!

Easter STEM activity for preschoolers

Easter Engineering STEM Activity for Kids

For this simple Easter engineering activity for preschoolers, we used:

When I found these mini foam eggs at the dollar store, I just knew that they would be perfect for all sorts of Easter themed sensory bins and math trays. Even if glitter is my enemy.

Yet, I couldn't help but think that they would be perfect for building with as well! So I put together this simple STEM tray for four year old K and he was in heaven!

And I had a lot of fun photographing it as well so I'm going to apologize now for the photo overload. Sorry, not sorry...

Easy STEM activity for Easter

STEM Easter activity

An Easy Easter STEM Project

This activity is great for fine motor skills as well. K was determined to build higher and higher, but using only the purple and orange eggs. Here he is building his tall 3D structure.

Easter engineering activity for kids

Easter engineering activity for kids

Easter STEM idea for kids

Easter STEM idea for kids

Then he moved to 2D shapes, like the triangle below, and letters using pink eggs. Only the pink eggs. So specific!

Easter STEM project for preschoolers

Easter STEM project for preschoolers

Building with foam Easter eggs and toothpicks in a STEM activity for kids

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