Tuesday, June 25, 2013

DIY Canadian Peg Dolls

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I see really cute peg dolls all over Pinterest and have been dying to try my hand at making some for a long time.  My biggest obstacle was deciding what kind of peg dolls to make as I wanted to make something unique.  Well, with Canada Day just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to turn some Canadian symbols into peg dolls.

I decided to make a Mountie, a beaver, and a moose, but I really wanted to make an Anne of Green Gables peg doll with bright orange-red hair made from yarn.  However, I had no scrap yarn the color of Anne's hair.  Therefore, I only made the moose, beaver, and Mountie peg dolls.

To make your own peg dolls, you will need wood peg dolls, felt, colored permanent markers or acrylic paint, and hot glue.  I bought a bag of 20 wood pegs from Michael's using the 40% coupon.  It cost me just over $3 for the bag.  I decided to use colored permanent markers instead of acrylic paint, mostly because I wanted to do this project quickly and didn't want to wait for the paint to dry.

To make the Mountie, I colored a red coat, brown belt and cross-strap, black pants with a yellow stripe, and brown boats.  For the hat, I simply hot glued some pieces of tan felt together and then hot glued it to the top of the peg doll.

The Mountie
The Mountie
The moose was pretty simple.  I colored him all brown, except for his hooves and facial features.  I used a silver marker for those.  Using tan felt, I cut out some moose antlers.  Then I hot glued the antlers to the back of the moose's head.

The Moose.
I chopped off the legs on one of the peg dolls to make the beaver.  Then I colored the peg doll with brown marker and drew the facial features using silver and black markers.  I cut out the beaver's tail from some brown felt and hot glued it on the back.

The Beaver.
And voila!  Canadian peg dolls ready for imaginative play.

The three peg dolls together.
For some added fun, I made a cardboard horse for the Mountie.  However, J really enjoyed putting the moose AND the Mountie on the horse.

Giddy up!
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  1. Omg, these are soooo cute, especially love the horse lol. Great idea!!

    1. The horse is pretty awesome! Cut it out in like 2 minutes to keep the boys busy while I made supper. Worked like a charm!

  2. Haha! So adorable! Love these little guys!

    1. Thanks. The Mountie is my favorite. I think it's super cute!

  3. These are adorable, and my favorite is definitely the beaver! :) Thanks so much for sharing it at Stress-Free Sunday! I'm featuring you this weekend.

    1. The beaver is pretty cute. My husband thought I should have left the legs on the beaver so it could have rode on the cardboard horse. Hahaha...can you imagine what a long legged beaver would have looked like?!