Monday, June 24, 2013

Three Canadian Flag Crafts

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We started our Canada Day celebrations early this year by making three different crafts based on the Canadian flag. 

Tape Resist Canadian Flag

J has been obsessed with tape resist art lately (see here and here), so we had to do a Canada flag tape resist style.  I was planning on making one for both boys, but after the amount of time it took me to make the maple leaf with tape, I decided against it.  K hardly finishes a craft project anyway.

To make this craft, tape an outline of a Canadian flag on a large piece of easel paper.  I also taped it to the table so it wouldn't move.

Then choose a medium for decorating the flag.  You could use markers, crayons, paint, etc.  J chose Dot Markers, as usual.  When dry, peel off the tape to reveal this lovely version of the Canadian flag.

Colored Rice Canadian Flag Art

J and I took some time to make some red rice while K was napping one afternoon in preparation for a few different Canada Day activities, one of which was this flag art.  The materials were simple: contact paper, red permanent marker, white rice, red rice, tape, and a miniature Canada flag for inspiration.  On the non-sticky side of the contact paper, I drew the outline of the Canadian flag in permanent red marker.  Then I taped the contact paper to the table with the sticky side up.  I put out two bowls of rice, one filled with white rice and one filled with red rice, as well as a miniature Canadian flag.  J then proceeded to dump rice all over the contact paper, trying to stay inside the lines as best he could.  Once he was done, I placed another piece of contact paper over top to seal in all the rice.  We were left with this beautiful sun catcher type of flag.

Canadian Flag Inspired Red & White Collages

I collected all sorts of random white and red craft bits for this art project, including sparkly red pipe cleaners cut into pieces, red and white pom poms, red and white pipe cleaners cut into pieces, red foam cut into rough squares, and pieces of red and white tissue paper.

I taped a piece of contact paper, with the sticky side up, on the boys' desks in the play room.  I then handed them each a miniature Canada flag, which they happily waved around for a bit, and a basket of the random craft supplies.

Then the boys went to work to create these red and white collages.

K was a lot more methodical, carefully placing individual pieces on the contact paper, whereas J built a "tower" of craft supplies on top of the contact paper.  It was interesting to watch their two different artistic processes in action.

K's collage.
J's collage.
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