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Heavy Work Activities for School {Free Printable}

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A fantastic list of heavy work activities for school. If you're a teacher, you'll definitely want to keep this free printable list of heavy work activities for the classroom handy!

Heavy work is beneficial for all kids, but is particularly calming for kids with sensory needs and/or autism.

Doing a simple heavy work activity, like those listed below, quickly helps to improve focus and attention. These ideas can quickly reset a day for kids and provide a much need sensory body break for those kids who have sensory needs.

This list of heavy work activities for kids is geared specifically towards the classroom and provides quick and easy ideas for implementing heavy work naturally into the school day. There is also a free printable list of heavy work activities for school included.

Heavy work activities for school with free printable list of ideas for the classroom from And Next Comes L

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Heavy Work Activities for Kids to Do at School

This list of heavy work activities are ones that occur naturally throughout the school day and/or can be done right within the classroom. So if your child needs a quick body break at school, then these heavy work activities for the classroom are perfect for that!

  1. Erase chalkboards or whiteboards
  2. Sharpen pencils with a manual pencil sharpener
  3. Fill plastic crates with books to take to other classrooms
  4. Stack chairs
  5. Move packs of paper for the printer/photocopier
  6. Staple paper, especially onto bulletin boards
  7. Take down chairs at the beginning of the day
  8. Place chairs on desks at the end of the day
  9. Rearrange desks or furniture in the classroom
  10. Help the gym teacher move mats, hang them up, etc.
  11. Ride a scooter board around the hallway
  12. Carry books with both hands, hugging tight to chest
  13. Open and hold doors for people
  14. Help the janitor or caretaker empty garbage cans, recycling, mopping, sweeping, etc.
  15. Climb on playground equipment

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