Autistic Adult Resources

Hello and welcome! Below are a variety of resources to help you better understand your own autistic identity and support you on your journey as an autistic adult.

Maybe you've only recently discovered that you're autistic. Perhaps it was even after your own child was identified or after you saw a post somewhere on social media and you're like, "That's 100% me!!"

Or maybe you were identified as a child and just recently discovered that you might be hyperlexic as well.

Or maybe you're more in the beginning stages and you suspect that you might be autistic, but haven't started the journey of seeking identification.

Whatever your reason is for being here, I'm happy to help support you however I can. The goal is to:

Help you better understand your neurodivergence and support you in your day-to-day life.

🧠 Understand your neurodivergence...

  • You're curious what hyperlexia in adulthood looks like: Find out here

🤸‍♂️ Get to know your unique sensory profile...

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