Saturday, March 23, 2013

Alphabet Sensory Bins: The Letter F

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The next sensory bin in the alphabet sensory bin series is the letter F.

F fun!
  • Feather boa
  • Fire truck
  • Large foam F
  • Smaller plastic F
  • Fabric scraps (there was even some flannel scraps!)
  • Flowers
  • Felt scraps
  • Foam scraps
  • Fish stuffed animal
  • Franklin storybook
  • Flashlights x 3 (one can even be worn on the head)
The Invitation to Play
The bin sat on the kitchen floor for all of 20 seconds before K was ready to check it out.

J picked up the large foam F up first, while K tried to grab the feather boa.  J stole it from K's hands as soon as K started to pull it out of the bin.

Then they found the flashlights...

J then spent 15-20 minutes playing in the pantry with the door closed, singing away.  I peaked in a few times to get some pictures, but this was the best I could get:
Hi mom!
J then took out the foam scraps.  He named the colors, organized them into patterns, and eventually started using them to make...wait for it...letters.  Shocking, I know!  You thought I was going to say numbers, didn't you?

Then both boys took a turn browsing the Franklin story book.

This bin remained popular later that night when I moved it to the playroom in the basement.  K took the flashlight and shined it on the ceiling, gave a few spins, and said, "Wow.  Cool."  He easily spent 10 minutes doing this.  I really had no idea a flashlight would have been so exciting to both of the boys.  It was easily their favorite item in the bin.

What would you put in your F themed sensory bin?  Tell me in the comments.