Saturday, March 23, 2013

Alphabet Sensory Bins: The Letter S

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I was so excited to continue on in our alphabet sensory bin series after the letter P one was such a huge success.  So I asked my husband to pick a letter for the next bin.  Letter S it was!  

Just like the letter P bin, there are so many awesome objects that could be included that it was so hard to decide what to use.  I was lazy, so I stuck to what I could easily find in my house even though I had dreams of including some sand, snow, sea shells, a stopwatch, and a scale of some sort.  I guess that means I will be doing another S bin in the future.

K exploring the bin
I spy with my little eye...a bin full of S objects!
  • A large plastic bin
  • Various objects starting with the letter S:
    • Slinky
    • Stickers
    • A large foam letter S
    • A smaller plastic letter S
    • Scissors
    • Snow globe
    • Scarf
    • Snake stuffed animal
    • Spray bottle
    • Sponge
    • Squeegee
    • School bus
    • String
    • Saw from a plastic tool set
    • Streamers
    • Strawberry play food
    • Sandwich play food
    • Stamp set

The Invitation to Play
I set up the bin in the living room again and I had barely set it down before K came to rip off the lid.  J wasn't far behind him.

Checking out the S sensory bin
I always find it interesting to see what objects they reach for first.  For J, it was the spray bottle and the large foam S.  K reached for the play food sandwich.

J cleaning the letters
J wanted to listen to music while we played with this sensory bin.  His two favorite songs right now happen to start with the letter S (Taylor Swift's "Stay, Stay, Stay" and James Blunt's "Stay the Night"), so it worked perfectly with our letter S themed sensory play.

J cutting with scissors
How do I make these work, mom?

I can use this, mom?!

And the best part was that both boys included some other S objects into their play: lots of smiles, plenty of singing, and some snot.

K squirted himself in the face with the spray bottle and look at that smile!
What would you put in your S themed sensory bin?  Tell me in the comments.