Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Egg Tissue Paper Bleeding Art

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We decided to try the tissue paper bleeding art technique again after the Shamrock one turned out so well.  Since Easter's just around the corner, we did Easter eggs.

Easter Egg Process Art Idea for Kids

Here's what you'll need for this Easter art project:

  • Water
  • Tissue paper - We used some from my recycled tissue paper collection.
  • Foam paint brushes
  • Large paper eggs - Hand-drawn on some easel paper
  • Embellishments: stickers, glitter glue, ribbon, etc.
I laid two large paper Easter eggs on the kitchen floor with the container of water, brushes, and tissue papers nearby.  J and K were already familiar with the technique, so they went straight to work.  F, on the other hand, had never done this kind of art before so she asked what to do and caught on right away.

The bleeding art technique goes as follows:

  • Paint some water onto the paper 
  • Place some tissue paper onto the watered areas 
  • Paint the tissue paper with more water 
  • Let the finished painting dry completely (Ours dried out over night) 
  • Remove the tissue paper from the painting 

The idea is to cover the tissue paper completely so that the color bleeds out onto the paper.

A group effort on the first egg!

F doing an egg of her own
Two days later when F was over next, the kids went on to the next step.  They removed all the tissue paper and set about decorating their eggs further with some Easter stickers, glitter glue, and ribbon.

Decorating the eggs
Once they were done decorating, we cut out the eggs and here's how they turned out:

J's egg
F's egg
I really like this method of "painting" since it's so easy and cleaner than regular painting.  Have you tried this technique out yet?

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