Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spray Painting Snow

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We still have snow.  A lot of snow.  Like a ridiculous amount of snow. 

Well, I was done with winter weeks ago and I have been itching to do some outdoor crafts with the boys again.  So I thought about the snow.  The plain white snow.  Could it be used as our canvas?!  Of course it could!  Here's what we did.

  • Spray bottles
  • Water
  • Food coloring
  • Snow
Mix some food coloring with water in the spray bottles.  I used quite a bit of food coloring as I wanted the colors to remain bright when we painted the snow.  J insisted on having purple paint, so we did purple, pink, and green. 

I sprayed some of the paint on the snow and set the spray paints on the ground by the snow bank.  Both boys love using spray bottles, so they picked them up right away.

The setup
However, J was only mildly interested in this craft.  He really doesn't enjoy playing in the snow unless we go sledding.  K didn't really try it out either since he preferred to taste the colored snow and/or bug my husband who was trying to shovel.  So maybe this idea would work better with older children.  Regardless, the snow looked so colorful and it got the kids outside to play for a bit.

Here's how it turned out:

Now if only the snow would go away...