Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Little Town Quiet Book Pages

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Tips and resources to helps autism families navigate the holiday season

These pages feature lift-the-flap buildings and some different vehicles.  It is well loved by both boys.

An adorable little town!
How I Made It
These pages were made entirely out of felt.  A few pieces, such as the wheels and the ladder of the firetruck, were hot glued on instead of sewn.  I chose to keep the look of the vehicles quite simple.  No windows or doors.  Just the shape, some wheels, and a few distinguishable features.  

A close up of the five different vehicles
Each building lifts up, leaving a perfect parking spot for a vehicle.  Also, all the doors of the buildings are small flaps that open and close.

Lift-the-flaps to park a vehicle
So when all the vehicles are put away, it looks like this:

All the vehicles have been parked.
Why We Love These Pages
These pages are great for imaginary play and teaching kids about object permanence.  They also build on a toddler's love for lifting flaps and hiding objects.  As seen below, K loves to lift the different flaps and put the vehicles in different places.


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Tips and resources to helps autism families navigate the holiday season


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