Thursday, May 30, 2013

Felt Lasagna

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In the book "The Mystery of the Lost Recipe," the two main characters help a locate restaurant locate the restaurant's missing lasagna recipe (see my book review here).  So to get into the spirit of the book, I put together this felt lasagna set, including a lasagna recipe book.  Before we could assemble the lasagna, I hid the recipe and together, J and I searched for it.  Once we found the recipe, it was time to build, cook, and eat a lasagna!

The contents of the felt lasagna play set.

This play set includes four wavy lasagna noodles, red sauce, chunks of meat, and shredded cheese, all made from felt.  If you stretch the felt, you can recreate the waves in lasagna noodles.  The recipe book is made of cardstock.  I quickly wrote out and illustrated the steps for making lasagna so that the kids could follow the recipe.  For the lasagna pan, I used a small wooden box that I had.

J was more interested in this activity than K was, so here's how J played.

Adding the sauce.
Now for some cheese.
Once the lasagna was assembled, J's imagination took off.  Of course, we needed to cook the lasagna so J used our storage ottoman as an oven.

In it goes!
"Look, mom.  It's cooked."
Then it was time to eat the lasagna, but first J had to blow on it to cool it off.

"It's hot!"
Shortly after, J started making letters and numbers with the shredded cheese.  He also assembled them into a dinosaur shape and talked about making dinosaur bones.  Such a great imagination he has!