Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tape Resist Surfboard Craft

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Here is a simple tape resist surfboard craft for kids that we did using Do-A-Dot Markers, some cardstock, and painter's tape.

The finished surfboards.  J's is the layered orange and pink one,
while K's is the white one with dots.
To make this craft, simply cut a surfboard shape out of cardstock.  Put some strips of painter's tape on the surfboard like so...

Tape a design on your surfboard before painting.
And then paint!  You could easily substitute Do-A-Dot Markers with crayons, markers, or whatever you'd like.  I just like dot markers since they are less messy than regular paint.  When the paint is dry, simply peel off the tape.  That's it!

Here are a couple of pictures of J and K painting their surfboards.

K stamping vigorously with green.
J painting the first layer of his surfboard orange.


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The Bright & Quirky Summit starts March 8th!


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