Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Mirror & Foam Art

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You know what's awesome about craft foam?  It sticks to stuff when wet.  So with this special property in mind, I set up a fun process art project for the boys.  It's a quick activity to set up, uses materials that I already had on hand, and is mess free.  And it kept the boys busy for quite a while!  

"Painting" craft foam on a mirror from And Next Comes L

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Before I set up this activity, I set out some craft foam scraps and some scissors on a tray.  The boys cut the craft foam scraps into smaller pieces.  The boys love to use scissors and having them cut the craft foam was my way of sneaking in some extra fine motor practice.

Once they were done cutting, I set out a bowl with some water, two mirrors, and two paint brushes.  Originally, J wasn't interested in "painting" a picture, but K jumped right on in.

Marking art on a mirror from And Next Comes L

Nothing like a picture of adorable little toddler toes while doing an art project.  K may have been a little generous with his water...

Close up of mirror and foam art from And Next Comes L

K loved this activity and was so quiet and focused.  Just look at his focus here.

K's reflection in the mirror from And Next Comes L

Oh and there's a reason why we don't paint with regular paint as often as I'd like around here.  Case in point...which is funny because I have a similar picture here from almost a year ago.

K chewing on a paint brush from And Next Comes L

J eventually joined in for some art making.

Creating art on mirrors with foam from And Next Comes L

And he posed momentarily for me to take a photo of his finished artwork.  I especially like how he held the mirror up just high enough to cover the mound of unfolded laundry sitting by the couch.  Yeah, I am terrible at folding laundry, but I am okay with that.

Mirror and craft foam art from And Next Comes L

If you are looking for more ways to play and learn using mirrors, check out these other mirror play ideas.

Creating art on mirrors with foam from And Next Comes L


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Free printables for kids


  1. I love your set up and how they can both create side by side!

  2. Where do I get one of those mirrors?

    1. Ours were from the Dollar Tree, but you could also try stores like Target or Walmart. They would likely have similar mirrors for cheap.