Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Emma's Mini Quiet Book

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When I first showed off my original quiet book pages on my personal Facebook page (you can see the picture here), one of my husband's cousins commented, saying she wished she could make one for her girls.  Well, she was in luck!  I have been in a quiet book making mode and she was coming for a visit.  So I put together this mini quiet book for her oldest daughter Emma.

It was so fun to create a quiet book for a girl for a change.  I tried to avoid making it too girly and stuck with pretty gender neutral ideas for the most part.  However, I couldn't resist using a lot of pink throughout since I love pink.  And just like my other mini quiet book, pages can be added or taken out in the future.

This book took me probably close to 4-5 hours to make.

As usual, I personalized the quiet book with the name of the child.  Instead of using foam stickers, I used felt alphabet stickers since I just happened to have all the letters that I needed.  I also sewed a pink heart just for fun.

The first page in the book is a music page.  Five ribbons were sewn in to represent the lines of the musical staff.  There's also a detachable music note, which is attached with velcro.  The music note also has a jingle bell in the base.

I also made an apple page for this quiet book.  The apple lifts up to reveal the seeds of the apple's interior.  It is similar to this apple page, but features a green ribbon worm that can be pulled back and forth.  The worm ribbon was inspired by my Ribbon Pulling page.

Next is the flower puzzle page.  Each piece is attached with velcro.

I also made this adorable penguin page.  You'll never guess where the inspiration came from...a cloth diaper. Yep!  I was changing K's Sweet Pea penguin print diaper (links to their website) when I noticed that the penguins were wearing different color bow ties.  So this page allows Emma to dress the penguin in different colored ties, which are stored behind the cloud.

I used some ribbon to create a mane for this lion taggy page.  It was inspired by this lion page.

The last page in the book is this caterpillar page.  Inside the leaf pocket, there are five circles to build a caterpillar.  Originally I planned on putting velcro dots on the pieces so that Emma could see where she was to place the dots.  Then I realized I did not have enough velcro and no time to stop at the dollar store to pick up more.  So instead the colored circles will just stick like they do on a felt board.

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  1. What a lovely gift. So sweet of you to make. My favorite page is the caterpillar. Could that be any more adorable. I love it!

    1. Thanks, Sam! My favorite is definitely the penguin page with the caterpillar being a very close second!

  2. So sweet! Just lovely Dyan!

  3. So cute! I just love felt and would love to make one of these for my sweet pea this summer :)

    1. I have a felt obsession! It is so easy to work with and so versatile. Good luck on your quiet book making.