Monday, July 29, 2013

Xylophone Quiet Book Page

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Introducing the newest member of our quiet book page collection...the xylophone page!  And trust me, this type of xylophone will be your favorite as it makes no noise.

Xylophone quiet book page from And Next Comes L

To make the page, I sewed two strips of brown felt to make the base.  Then I sewed seven white rectangles to make the bars of the xylophone.  I then hot glued velcro dots to each rectangle.

Blank xylophone quiet book page from And Next Comes L

Then I made the xylophone bars from felt by cutting rectangles out and then hot gluing velcro on the back.  I chose to do the bars in rainbow colors as a way to reinforce the order of the colors of the rainbow.  I also hemmed and hawed about putting the musical alphabet on the bars of the xylophone as a way to reinforce the letters of the musical alphabet.  It would have also been another way for the boys to practice putting the bars of the xylophone in the correct order.  However, I decided against the letters since I wanted it to look more like a musical instrument than anything.  Regardless, the boys can match the bars by size or use the order of the colors as a guide.

Arranging the colorful keys on the xylophone quiet book page from And Next Comes L

And, of course, no xylophone is complete without mallets!  To make the mallets, I cut a rectangle piece of grey felt.  I then folded it in half, hot glued it, and then repeated.  The hot glue helped to make the mallets sturdy.  During the first hot glue stage, I also glued a long piece of ribbon to each mallet so that the mallets could be attached to the quiet book page.  I then hot glued a large white pom pom onto the end of each mallet.

As you can probably see in the pictures, I cut a slit for the ribbon to go through at the bottom of the page.  Just make sure you slide the ribbon through the slit before hot gluing the ribbon to both mallets.

Xylophone quiet book page from And Next Comes L

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  1. Great idea! I also like the fact that it doesn't make any noise!

  2. So cute….do you remember how wide your bars are?