Tuesday, August 06, 2013

X is for Xylophone (The ABCs of Music for Kids)

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Xylophone inspired music activities for kids.

X may be for xylophone, but I bet you didn't know there were so many different ways to play and learn using the xylophone!

1. Make your very own giant rainbow xylophone from recycled materials.  It's a perfect instrument for the backyard.

2. If you can sew, then you can make this simple xylophone quiet book page.  And trust me, it's an xylophone you will enjoy listening to over and over!

3. Have your toddler practice their color matching with this color matching xylophone game.

4. Draw out an xylophone hopscotch game and help your child learn how to spell their name.

5. Grab an xylophone and some dot stickers so you can introduce your child to music composition with this simple music composing activity.

6. Show your child the different parts of the xylophone and then try out this push pin xylophone activity.

7. Make a rainbow water xylophone.  It's a great way to exploring measuring and how it relates to sound, as well as a great way to explore color mixing.

 7. Listen to some music that features the xylophone.  I particularly enjoy this Super Mario Theme video, but probably because I am a video game nerd.  Okay, it is just plain fun too!  My boys also enjoyed it.

8. Try making xylophone tape resist art.

9. We're making magnetic music word cards to put on our freezer, which doubles as our magnet board.  So we made this xylophone card.  It's a perfect way to practice reading and spelling!

10. Explore math and science with this size comparison activity.

And if that's not enough, check out these other awesome xylophone activities: