Thursday, December 12, 2013

15 Amazing No Sew Fabric Gifts for Kids

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I love making homemade gifts and as you can tell by my plethora of quiet books, among many other felt projects, you know I love to sew.  However, I realize not everyone knows how to sew or enjoys to sew, so I thought I would share some fabulous no sew fabric gifts for kids.  Whether you've got a budding artist, a little bookworm, a dinosaur lover, or a babywearing mama in training, I have got something for every type of kid on this list.  So prepare yourself for a wicked list of no sew gifts!

15 amazing no sew fabric gifts for kids, including play food, bags, play mats, and more from And Next Comes L

1. Easy No Sew Tutu from No Time for Flashcards

2. No Sew Crayon Wrap from small + friendly

No Sew Crayon Wrap from small + friendly

3. No Sew Fleece Pillows from Come Together Kids

4. No Sew Dinosaur World Playmat from Fun at Home with Kids

No Sew Dinosaur World Playmat from Fun at Home With Kids

5. No Sew Fort Kit from Celebrate Every Day with Me

6. Upcycled No Sew Kids Quiver from Capital B

7. No Sew Portable Road Play Set from And Next Comes L

No Sew Portable Road Play Set from And Next Comes L

8. No Sew Dragon Sock Puppet (with free printable template) from My Little 3 and Me

9. No Sew Colored Pencil Roll from small + friendly

10. No Sew Tank Top Bag from Tutus & Tea Parties

No Sew Tank Top Bag from Tutus & Tea Parties

11. No Sew Doll Carrier from Mama Smiles: Joyful Parenting

12. Easter Bunny & Garden No Sew Playmat from Fun at Home with Kids

13. No Sew Pretend Play Food from Munchkin and Bean

No Sew Pretend Play Food from Munckin and Bean

14. Easy No Sew Felt Racetrack from A Night Owl

15. No Sew Hanging Bookshelf from I Can Teach my Child

No Sew Hanging Bookshelf from I Can Teach my Child

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