Wednesday, December 11, 2013

18 Homemade Toys for Kids Made from Dollar Store Items

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I love making homemade gifts for special occasions, such as Christmas and birthdays, and I know that many others do too.  So I've put together this unique list of homemade gifts for kids.  They can all be made for $10 or less using dollar store items.  Nothing beats inexpensive and homemade, especially when it uses easy to find dollar store items.

18 Homemade toys for kids made from dollar store items for $10 or less.  They make perfect gifts!  from And Next Comes L

1. DIY Color Blocks from And Next Comes L - Make some gorgeous color blocks using a hot glue gun, some colored transparent file folders, and wooden blocks from a Jenga game.

DIY Color Blocks from And Next Comes L

2. Itty Bitty Building Set from 3 Dogs and a Boy - Some toothpicks and a small dollar store container, paired with some homemade play dough, make a perfect little gift idea.

3. Story Cubes from Red Ted Art - If you can find some little wooden cubes at the dollar store, then here's a great gift for kids who love to tell stories.

4. DIY Gel Boards from Play Dr Mom - These gel boards use a few simple dollar store items and provide lots of mess free sensory play.

DIY Gel Boards from Play Dr Mom

5. Sensory Seek and Find Present from Creative With Kids - Create a portable sensory treasure hunt with dollar store items.

6. Homemade 100 Chart from And Next Comes L - Colored glass stones and a piece of a circle patterned shower curtain are all that's needed for this simple gift.

Homemade 100 Chart from And Next Comes L

7. Easy No Sew Mailbox from Nothing if Not Intentional - Make an adorable mailbox for kids using some cardboard and felt.

8. Homemade Geoboard from And Next Comes L - Making a geoboard is so easy and for $1, how can you possibly go wrong with this gift idea?  Push pins, some colored rubber bands, and a piece of wood are all that's needed.

9. Ribbon Shaker Cup from The Eyes of a Boy - Grab some dollar store beads and ribbons to make this simple gift for babies and toddlers.

10. DIY Clipping Toy from Kids Activities Blog - What toddler wouldn't want to play with this homemade clipping toy?!  Find some dollar store buckles and ribbons (or maybe even substitute some dollar store pet collars!) and you are ready to go!

DIY Clipping Toy from Kids Activities Blog

11. DIY Stick Horse from Red Ted Art - This stick horse could easily be made with a dollar store broom handle, sock, ribbons, and buttons.

12. Homemade Play Dough Kit from Mama. Papa. Bubba. - I know my boys would love to receive a play dough kit like this as a gift!

13. Magnetic Roads from And Next Comes L - This gift idea is great for little car lovers!  You could easily find all the items, down to the cookie sheet, at a dollar store.

14. DIY Shape Sorter from Kids Activities Blog - Some dollar store blocks and a cardboard box are all that is needed to make your own shape sorter.  We have down this before and it kept both boys busy for hours!

DIY Shape Sorter from Kids Activities Blog

15. Homemade Sensory Books from The Eyes of a Boy - These sensory books are beyond adorable!  And the possibilities are really endless!

16. Pack and Play Stove from And Next Comes L - Toddlers will go crazy for their own set of kitchen utensils from the dollar store, especially when paired with this stove top made from a storage container.  The vinyl used for the stove top could easily be replaced with a printable template from here.

Pack and Play Stove from And Next Comes L

17. Homemade Craft Kit from Mama. Papa. Bubba. - Gather some craft supplies and a storage container from the dollar store and put together a thoughtful gift like Mama. Papa. Bubba. did.

18. Homemade Play Parachute from And Next Comes L - Turn some dollar store shower curtains into a 10 ft play parachute (comes with a full tutorial!).  I made one for less than $6.  Crazy, right?

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