Friday, January 10, 2014

Bucket Drumming and Stomping {Music Activities for Kids}

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We are always doing something musical around here, as you may have gathered from reading some of my previous music posts.

So when we had some leftover cardboard tubes from Christmas gift wrap, I had to turn them into something musical.

The result?  Bucket drumming!

Okay, there might be some stomping and slapping of drums too! Regardless, it's a simple music activity for kids that makes a perfect boredom buster!

Making music with cardboard tubes and buckets from And Next Comes L

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Simple Music Activity for Kids: Bucket Drumming & Stomping

The setup is pretty simple: cardboard tubes and some large buckets of any variety or size.  We have some large round buckets with rope handles similar to these, so we turned them upside down and they became instant drums!  RAT-A-TAT-TAT!

Drumming music activity for kids using buckets and cardboard tubes from And Next Comes L

Drumming music activity for kids using buckets and cardboard tubes from And Next Comes L

It was fun to tilt the drums while hitting them with the cardboard tubes to see how the sound of the drum changed, but it was also fun to try out some other drumming techniques.

For example, slapping the drum like a bongo...

Exploring music with buckets from And Next Comes L

Or stomping the bucket with feet...

Gross motor music activity for kids from And Next Comes L

Or how about stomping the bucket while tapping the cardboard tubes together?

Boredom buster for kids using cardboard tubes from And Next Comes L

There might have been some jumping from bucket to bucket too, but that was more for fun than it was for music's sake.

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Bucket drumming and stomping from And Next Comes L - a simple music activity that will get kids active!


  1. My daughter does this with pretty much anything she can bang on! I'm trying to get her used to pencils for kindergarten and she came in to tell me, "I know one thing about pencils. If you bang them, they break!" lol! So I know she'll love this activitiy!