Music Activities for Kids

Looking for music activities for kids? Well, then you've come to the right place to find awesome ways to work on music theory, get piano practice tips, and more!

As a piano teacher, I am passionate about music! I made it my mission to introduce my kids to music immediately after birth so that they too could become as passionate about it as I am. So while we listened to all types of music and offered the kids access to a variety of instruments, I also created tons of music learning activities for them.

Some of the ideas below are also ones that I incorporate daily in my piano teaching business. Playing music theory games is a huge part of how I teach piano. It's way better than boring all music theory worksheets. Trust me!

So I hope you find this collection of music activities for kids inspiring!

Interactive music activities for kids

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Music Activities for Kids

Wowzers! Just look at all of these awesome music activities for kids!

Printable Music Activities for Kids

Below are some printable music theory activities, games, and resources. 

Other Music Resources & Tips

The resources below are meant to help you encourage a love for music at home.

Music activities for kids to learn about music theory - plus printable music theory games too!