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100+ Light Table Activities

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If you haven't already figured it out by now, then I'll just tell you straight up: we love light table play here.  In fact, we might be a wee bit obsessed with it.  So to further expose you to our light table obsession and to convince you of its awesomeness, I have put together this huge list of amazing light table ideas.  Plus, if you scroll to the bottom of this post, there is a big announcement.  Trust me, you'll want to check it out.

100+ Light Table Activities and information on The Ultimate Light Table Guide from And Next Comes L

Information & Resources About Light Play

Curious about the benefits of light play?  Or unsure of where to begin?  Here's some useful information about light table play.

DIY Light Tables & Homemade Light Table Accessories

There are lots of great DIY light table projects out there and I have been known to make quite a few myself.

DIY light table tutorial from And Next Comes L

Open Ended Light Table Activities for Kids

One of the boys' favorite things to do on the light table is to explore and create with loose parts or engage in open-ended dramatic play.  Check out these great ideas!

Exploring loose parts on the light table from And Next Comes L

Fine Motor Activities for the Light Table

Light tables are a great way to develop fine motor skills in toddlers and preschoolers.  And there is seriously a wide variety of activities that focus on fine motor skills on the light table including:

Light bright geoboard from And Next Comes L

Color & Shape Learning Light Table Activities for Kids

Here are some great ways to work on colors and shapes on the light table.

Sorting shapes on the light table from And Next Comes L

Math & Science Light Table Activities for Kids

From counting to fractions to science experiments, these ideas will be sure to spark hours of math and science fun!

Exploring basic physics with ramps on the light table from And Next Comes L

Literacy Activities on the Light Table

Learn the alphabet, practice sight words, or bring stories to life with these fun ideas!

Storytelling on the light table from And Next Comes L

Music & Art Inspired Light Table Activities for Kids

Light tables can be a fantastic way to explore music and art.  Try some of these ideas:

Music note matching on the light table from And Next Comes L

Seasonal Light Table Activities for Kids

Christmas, Valentine's, Thanksgiving, Canada Day, name the season or holiday, I bet I can find you some light table activity!  If not, I will come up with one!  In the meantime, check out these seasonal light table activities:

Sorting and counting apples on the light table from And Next Comes L

Get More Light Table Activities for Kids!

It turns out that we're not the only ones obsessed with light table play.  Kristen from Caution! Twins at Play and her kiddos are just as obsessed.  So Kristen and I have been busy scheming to dominate the world with our crazy light table obsession and perhaps brainwash and convert a few more people to embrace the world of playing with light.  After months of pinning and planning, I am so excited to announce the official launch of....(drum roll please)...The Ultimate Light Table Guide!

The Ultimate Light Table Guide from And Next Comes L

Exciting, right?!

Well, what exactly is The Ultimate Light Table Guide?  The Ultimate Light Table Guide is exactly as the name suggests.  It's a one-stop destination for finding ways to play with light, whether it is on the light table or natural light or mirror play or glow-in-the-dark play.  And to make it even better, we have organized it by specific topics, making it that much easier to find a specific activity that will suit your needs or interests.  

I know you're thinking, "This sounds amazing!  Where can I find it?"  The main directory is located on Pinterest.

But if you have an activity that you think belongs on one of our fabulous pin boards, then we want to see it!  You can find all the latest and greatest light play ideas, share your own ideas, or even just have a conversation about light play with us by following along on Facebook or Google+!

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  1. Seriously EPIC and totally amazing Dyan!! :) Thanks so much for all your hard work on these! It's amazing!

    1. Thank you, Lisette! It has been so much fun to see what new things we could find and pin. And I may have been inspired along the way so that's an added bonus! Now to put all my ideas into action...

  2. Replies
    1. Well, would you expect anything less than amazing from me, George?! ;)

      But seriously, thank you!

  3. Wow, this is amazing and I love your Pinterest Guide!! Amazing!! Now I just have to make one of my own.... :)

    1. Thanks, Amy!! Do check out the DIY light table board then. You're sure to find the right light table/box for you! :)

  4. Wow..lots of ideas! Thanks! Pinned!

    1. Be sure to browse our pin boards too as there are hundreds of ideas. And thank you for pinning!!

  5. We love all the lightbox activities! :) So many great ideas here! :) Thanks!

  6. A very thorough resource full of ideas...thank you! We will be trying many of these.