Friday, February 21, 2014

DIY Road Signs for Car Play

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Our road tabletop is slowly being accessorized.  Of course, no roadways would be complete without some homemade road signs! My boys just love adding these DIY road signs to their car play. They're also a great way to work on fine motor skills. And I love that the signs are interchangeable.

Homemade toys for kids: DIY road signs for car play from And Next Comes L

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To make these DIY road signs, you'll need:

First, I dyed the wooden clothespins, which is optional. To dye the clothespins, I took the clothespins apart and put them in a bag with some watered down acrylic paint (alternatively, you could use black liquid watercolor). Then I shook the bag until the clothespins were evenly coated. Then set the freshly dyed clothespins out to dry.

If you have a color printer, then you could simply print out the road signs that you want to use. I, however, do not have a color printer, so I chose to make my own from scratch using cardstock and permanent markers. I decided to make speed signs, stop signs, yield signs, road signs, and traffic lights. You can make any sign you want really. The traffic lights were made a little bit differently. I used cardstock and colored dot stickers to make them.

Homemade toys for kids: DIY road signs for car play from And Next Comes L

Homemade toys for kids: DIY road signs for car play from And Next Comes L

To make the signs more durable, I ran them through the laminator. Then I reassembled the clothespins and let the kids add the signs that they wanted! The signs look great on our homemade road tabletop, especially next to our homemade wooden trees, even if the scale isn’t entirely realistic.

DIY road signs for car play: homemade toys that encourage fine motor development from And Next Comes L

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DIY road signs for car play that are interchangeable and great for fine motor development from And Next Comes L


  1. Sending this to a friend with a car-obsessed young one! Great idea!

    1. Awesome! Hopefully they'll poke around and check out my other car play ideas, like my car dashboard. Boys and their cars, hey?

  2. These are so frickin awesome, they make me smile every time i see them!