Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outdoor Car Ramps

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Two summers ago, we built a deck.  However, it had no railings on it up until a few weeks ago.  We used a railing kit that came with grooved finishing pieces and we ended up having quite a few scraps leftover.  So of course I had to use them for something.

I set up the scrap pieces as ramps off different steps of the deck's stairs.  Doing so allowed the boys to race cars against each other and observe which ramps caused faster speeds and which ones were slower.  Science.  Cars.  Outdoor play.  Win, win, right?

Outdoor ramps for car play from And Next Comes L

Since these pieces of wood had a groove, they ended up making awesome ramps for toy cars to go barreling down at breakneck speeds without fear of falling off.  I suspect 2x4s could be substituted, but the cars will definitely not stay on track.  You could also use cardboard as an alternative.  You can see the grooved edges in the picture below.

DIY Outdoor car ramps for kids from And Next Comes L

Now that our deck actually has a railing, it was a little tricky to get to the top of the car ramps from the stairs.  Not that J seemed to mind.

J with a car from And Next Comes L

The boys quickly found a favorite ramp and took turns putting their car down the ramp, resulting in little giggles and cheers.

K driving up a ramp from And Next Comes L

DIY outdoor ramps for car play from And Next Comes L

J & K playing with the car ramps from And Next Comes L

And it was a perfect activity to practice turn taking.

Playing with car ramps outdoors from And Next Comes L

This activity was so simple, required minimal set up, used only a few materials, and kept the boys busy all afternoon.

Looking for more fun and easy ways to play outside?  Here are some more outdoor play activities that require little set up, use minimal materials, and are perfect for summer days:
Take the car play outside with these outdoor car ramps from And Next Comes L
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  1. Those are perfect ramps. You have a great experiment set up there with the different heights.

    1. Yes, it was a great way to include a little science.

  2. So fun! I love how the ramps had a groove in them. I need to set something up like this outside.

  3. that is so cool. My son would be in heaven with those ramps

    1. Aw yes. Boys and their toy cars. What's not to love?!

  4. This looks like so much fun. I am going to be sharing it on my Facebook page.

  5. I love how you used extra bits of wood to create such a fun play and learning experience. I know my son would just love these! I'm featuring this post at Stress-Free Sunday,!

    1. Thanks for featuring us yet again, Mary Catherine!

  6. This is looking so much fun. I like the road map you have made attache to the stairs. Thanks for sharing the idea that we also keep busy our naughty boys. LOL...

    1. Oh yes, they were a lot of fun! Glad you enjoyed it :)