Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Foam Heart Tangram Puzzles

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Try these homemade foam heart tangram puzzles for kids as a quick and easy Valentine's Day activity.

If you've been looking for a quick and easy Valentine's Day math activity for kids, then you might want to try making a set of these DIY heart shaped tangram puzzles for kids.

You can make them as simple or as difficult as you like and they even make a great busy bag idea.

Easy tangram puzzles for kids that you can make yourself for a quick and easy Valentine's Day math activity

DIY Tangram Puzzles for Kids that are Perfect for Valentine's Day

To make these DIY foam heart tangram puzzles, I used:

  • Scissors
I cut out four large hearts using a different color for each heart. Then I cut each heart into random pieces. Some are more basic, like the purple one pictured below, but others, like the yellow one, have more pieces and are trickier to put together. Just be sure to tailor the puzzles to your child's skills and age.

Heart tangrams Valentine's Day activity for kids

You can store these tangram puzzles in little zipper seal bags and keep them as busy bags or present them on a tray like I did for a quick math activity.

Heart shaped tangram puzzles for kids

Playing with Heart Tangram Puzzles

The boys loved putting these puzzles together. The purple one is really all three year old K could handle independently. 

Easy tangram puzzles that you can make for kids

Five year old J, who has "very superior visual-spatial skills," excelled at putting these puzzles together, even the ones that were trickier. And here I thought I could stump him...pfft. Of course not!

Building heart tangram puzzles

Valentine's Day activity for kids with heart tangram puzzles

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