Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Easter Light Table Activity

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Looking for Easter light table ideas? Try this light table activity that uses plastic Easter eggs and buttons.

Plastic eggs are such a versatile way for kids to play and learn any time of the year, but obviously, they are the perfect material to use around Easter time. They're great for fine motor skills. However, plastic eggs are great for light table play too.

This simple no-prep Easter light table activity for kids encourages fine motor skills development, color matching, counting, sorting, and so much more! 

Easter light table activity for kids using plastic eggs and buttons

Easter Themed Light Table Activity for Kids

This light table activity took literally seconds to set up and was inspired by this this Easter invitation using plastic eggs and buttons from My Nearest and Dearest. Here's what you'll need, in addition to a light table:

We happen to have an assortment of translucent buttons accessible for light table play whenever, but we haven't used them much on the light table prior to this activity.

Plastic eggs and buttons on the light table

Playing at the Light Table with Plastic Eggs & Buttons

K likes to play with buttons.  And by that I mean he likes to dump them on the floor, scoop them up, and dump them again and again.  He also likes to open and close plastic Easter eggs or make pretend soup with them in his play kitchen.  Therefore, I was not surprised to see that K adored this activity.  He happily scooped the buttons into the eggs over and over.  K also liked to shake the eggs once he filled them with buttons.

Easter light table idea for preschool and toddlers

Playing with plastic Easter eggs at the light table

Playing with plastic Easter eggs at the light table

Playing with plastic Easter eggs at the light table

And clearly I did not wipe K's face after eating toast and peanut butter.  Did you notice the remnants of his breakfast on his cheeks?

J enjoyed this activity as well, but not to the same extent as K.  He happily filled the eggs with buttons for a little bit before moving on to color sorting.  

Plastic Easter eggs and buttons on the light table

The buttons and eggs that I set out just happened to match so it was a perfect way to work on color sorting.

Plastic Easter eggs and buttons on the light table

That's it!  A simple, engaging light table activity that's perfect for Easter (or any time really).

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  1. Isn't it awesome when some of the simplest things - like buttons and plastic eggs - are the most entertaining for kids? :)

  2. I love how the translucent buttons look on the light table, I never thought of them for light table play but I really like it!

    1. The buttons do look pretty neat on the light table, don't they?