Friday, March 07, 2014

Letter G Quiet Book Page {ABC Quiet Book}

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How to make a quiet book page for an ABC quiet book. This letter G quiet book idea features a cute giraffe and grapes to practice counting.

This letter G quiet book page has been cut out for months.  Other projects such as the felt play food that I made for K took precedence and then my sewing machine ended up buried under a pile of craft supplies.  Thankfully, I had an urge to clear my craft desk a bit and do some sewing.  That means, I finally finished the letter G page for the ABC Quiet Book.

There are a few different G words on this quiet book page.  Obviously, there's grapes and a giraffe, but also note the tall grass and the use of the color green.

Letter G quiet book page from And Next Comes L

After doing quite a bit of hand sewing on the felt play food, I started to do a little bit of hand sewing on this quiet book page, such as the numbers of the grapes.  The grapes are attached to the page with velcro and can easily be moved around.  I used the hot glue gun to secure the velcro to the felt.

Grapes on a letter G quiet book page from And Next Comes L

See...there's velcro behind those grapes.

Closeup of velcro on letter G quiet book page from And Next Comes L

Then there's the adorable geometric-legged giraffe hiding in the tall green grass.  The grass is just green ribbons folded in half and sewn behind a piece of green felt.

Giraffe and ribbon taggy on letter G quiet book page from And Next Comes L

And if you pull back the grass, you'll see the giraffe's pointy triangle legs.  They're cute, aren't they?  To make the eyes, I hand sewed a french knot.  I got pretty good at making french knots after making the felt strawberries and hamburger bun.  I then hot glued some brown spots of felt onto the giraffe's body.

Giraffe on a letter G quiet book page from And Next Comes L

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Free printables for kids


  1. This giraffe looks so cute. Those grapes are super fun too. I like the numbers on them.