Saturday, May 03, 2014

Personalized Nintendo Inspired Wedding Gift

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The other night I was browsing through old photographs.  I stumbled upon a picture of a wedding gift that I made for two high school friends that got married last year.  I so wish that I took better pictures of the finished gift, but considering that I finished making it about 30 minutes before the wedding reception, a quick picture from my phone is better than nothing.  But, honestly, the picture does not do this personalized wedding gift any justice.

I brainstormed for weeks leading up to the wedding for the perfect homemade wedding gift.  I had no inspiration.  Then my husband mentioned something about old school Nintendo and a light bulb went off.  You see, the groom is a huge video game fan.  So what's better than a wedding gift inspired by the classic Nintendo controller?!  I know!  A wedding gift that also cost me next to nothing to make, but shhh, that will be our little secret.

The bride's and groom's names were perfect for the Nintendo controller since their names both start with S just like the start and select buttons.  And the A and B button?  They became the date of their wedding.  Then I replaced the Nintendo name with their last name.  

Nintendo inspired personalized wedding gift for video game lovers from And Next Comes L

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Perhaps my favorite detail is the cord for hanging the finished wall hanging.  If you were like me as a kid, you often wrapped the cord of the controller around the controller itself.  That is why I decided to wrap it around each edge of the finished wall hanging versus just attaching it to the back.  To make the cord look even more realistic, my husband had a brilliant idea.  We happen to have lots of old computer mice kicking around, so he cut the cord off one of the mice for me to use.  It makes the gift look even more authentic.

The gift itself was pretty straightforward to make.  Although I do wish I was able to lay the vinyl straighter.  However, the pressing time deadline did not allow for perfection.  Regardless, the finished product is so awesome.  It is easily one of the most unique things that I have made using my Silhouette Cameo.

To make the personalized wedding gift, I used:

Basically, I painted the wood with light gray acrylic paint.  I then painted some darker gray sections in the middle.  I then laid the vinyl pieces on top and as I mentioned, somewhat crookedly.  Then I sealed the entire project with  Mod Podge.

The most tedious part was designing the actual vinyl pattern in my Silhouette Studio Designer Edition.  Considering I was able to whip this gift together between the ceremony and the reception, I think that it turned out pretty fab.

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