Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Sticky Constellations

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We have been doing a lot of space themed activities lately.  So continuing on with that theme, I set up this simple invitation to create constellations on mirrors.  It was a great sensory experience that also worked on fine motor skills.  And honestly, K is always excited when scissors are involved.

Making constellations from And Next Comes L

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For this activity, we used:

I taped the contact paper, sticky side out, to the mirrors in our dining room.  I set out a long piece of yarn for each of my boys, the constellation cards for inspiration purposes, the stones, and some scissors.  K immediately grabbed the yarn and the scissors.  This kid loves to cut.

K cutting yarn for his constellations from And Next Comes L

K cutting yarn for his constellations from And Next Comes L

Then K added some "stars" to his constellation.  He called this one a "tall snowman."

Making constellations from And Next Comes L

J was only mildly interested in this activity, but he did make one constellation.

Fine motor sticky constellations from And Next Comes L

Looking for more space activities?  Check out this constellation light table activity or browse my Space board on Pinterest.

Exploring outer space with toddlers by making sticky constellations.  A great fine motor activity from And Next Comes L


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Free printables for kids


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