Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Sticky Constellations Activity for Kids

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This sticky constellations activity is a great way for toddlers and preschoolers to work on scissor skills while learning about constellations.

Lately we've done a lot of space activities. A little rocket hopscotch. Some small world play. We've even built rockets using tin cans and magnetic tiles. But now we're branching out to constellations with this activity.

When it comes to teaching kids about constellations, there are classic constellation activities that everyone does. You know which ones I'm talking about. Think pipe cleaner constellations or marshmallow constellations. Another favorite is to make constellation cards that go over flashlights. Everybody has done them at some point. They're classics for a reason.

But sometimes you might want something a little bit different. That's where this sticky constellations activity for kids comes in. It's like a little bit sensory, a little bit fine motor, and a little bit art.

This particular activity works on scissor skills, while also providing a little sensory input. So it's a nice change from threading pony beads onto pipe cleaners or poking toothpicks into marshmallows.

Sticky constellations activity for kids

What You'll Need for this Sticky Constellations Activity for Kids

What I love about this outer space themed activity is that it's low prep. You just have to tape one thing up and then the kids do the rest. Here's what you'll need:

  • Contact paper - That's what makes this constellation activity sticky after all
  • Yellow glass stones (for stars) - You could use pom poms, buttons, or even star beads as a substitute
  • Yarn - The yarn will be used to join the stars in our constellations together
  • Scissors - To cut the yarn that will be joining our constellations together. But you could always precut the yarn into different lengths and provide that instead of including scissors.

To set up this activity, I taped the contact paper, sticky side out, to the mirrors in our dining room. I set out a long piece of yarn for each of my boys, the constellation cards for inspiration, the stones, and some scissors.

With the clear contact paper and the translucent glass stones, you could set up this activity on a window to incorporate more light. Then leave the finished projects hanging up in the window afterwards as a bit of constellation art.

A Fun Make Your Own Constellation Project that Toddlers & Preschoolers Will Love

My youngest K immediately grabbed the yarn and the scissors. Unsurprising, given his love for cutting things. He added the whole piece of yarn to the contact paper and then started to cut it into shorter pieces. 

Toddler cutting yarn for a constellations activity

Close up of a toddler cutting yarn for a constellations activity

After placing a few pieces of the cut up yarn, he grabbed some of the yellow "stars" to complete his constellation. He honestly didn't care about the constellation cards and preferred to make his own constellations, such as this one that he called the "tall snowman." Makes sense, right?

Make your own constellation project for kids using yarn and glass stones

Make your own constellation project for kids using yarn and glass stones

My oldest, J, was only mildly interested in this constellation activity. I really thought he would be more into it given his interest in learning about space at the moment. He did try making one constellation at least, which you can see below.

Finished constellations activity for toddlers and preschoolers

This sticky constellations activity was really easy to set up and was a great way for my kids to work on scissor skills.

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Sticky constellations activity for kids