Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Apple Math Activity Tray

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Looking for apple activities for kids? Well, this apple math activity is a perfect fall math activity for preschoolers and kindergarten aged kids.

Apples, apples, apples - it's that time of year! 

We have these awesome little acrylic apples that I found at Michaels last year that are just perfect for celebrating the upcoming season change. 

We have sorted and counted apples on the light table and we have picked them off of a sticky color matching apple tree. We even put them in this apple sensory bin.

Recently, I set up this simple Montessori-inspired preschool apple math activity using the acrylic apples. It was a great way to practice counting, one-to-one correspondence, and addition.

Apple math for preschool

Apple Math Activity: What You'll Need

This fall math activity is super simple to set up. All you'll need is:

  • Apple manipulatives (could be acrylic apples like shown, apple shaped mini erasers, or anything similar)
  • Dice
  • A tray to put the materials in
Apple math games for preschoolers and kindergarten

This Apple Math Activity is Great for Preschoolers & Kindergarten Kids!

My math loving boy, J, was all over this activity. Actually, he's all over any activity that involves numbers and/or dice (see here for example), so I knew this math tray would be a hit. He simply rolled the dice and counted the corresponding number of apples.

Counting apples fall math activity

Apple math activities kindergarten

And rolled some more! Then added them all up. To be more precise, he would roll the dice, add the dice in his head, say the correct answer, and then proceed to count out the apples. Crazy math kid alert!

Montessori-inspired math tray & apple activities for kids

Kindergarten apple math activity

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