Sunday, August 31, 2014

Magnet Sensory Bin with Rainbow Dyed Chickpeas

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Looking for fun ideas for exploring magnets with preschoolers and toddlers? Then try this colorful magnet sensory bin with rainbow dyed chickpeas. Your kids are going to love it!

One of my all time favorite creations ever on this blog is the rainbow dyed chickpeas. They are seriously the best sensory bin filler ever. Way better than rainbow rice, which gets everywhere. They're also quick to make and they last forever. Most importantly, the kids love to play with them!

They're also fantastic for hiding other colorful objects in, which is what I did here for this magnet sensory bin.

See, it all started when I found some horseshoe magnets at The Dollar Tree. I was super excited to find them for only $1.25 each. I knew I couldn't pass them up given how much my kids like to play with magnets. I mean they loooove magnets. I also thought that these magnets would be fun to use as part of a sensory activity too.

So I grabbed our dyed chickpeas and added some magnetic items, as well as our new horseshoe magnets, to a bin. The result? This glorious little activity! I mean just look at how pretty this sensory bin is. How could you not want to play in it?

Magnet sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers

Rainbow Magnet Sensory Bin: What You'll Need

Okay are you ready to whip up this super quick magnetic sensory bin? Well, here's what you'll need:

Simply add the chickpeas and the magnetic transparent counters to a large plastic container. Be sure to swish it around a few times too. That way some of the little magnet discs will be buried. Doing so ends up turning this activity into a magnetic treasure hunt sensory bin of sorts. 

Then add some magnet wands and/or horseshoe magnets and let the kids do some magnet exploration! I can almost guarantee that your toddler or preschooler is going to have fun with this idea.

Magnetic sensory bin with rainbow dyed chickpeas and rainbow transparent counters

Close up of rainbow dyed chickpeas in a magnetic sensory bin for kids

Your Kids are Going to Love this Magnet Activity!

My oldest J laid claim to the blue horseshoe magnet and quickly started searching for the rainbow counters. Instead of using the magnet to pick them up, he preferred to pick out the counters one-by-one by hand. Then he would stick them to the magnet.

Child exploring magnets in a colorful sensory bin

Child playing with magnetic counters and horseshoe magnet in a rainbow chickpeas sensory bin

Sensory magnet play for kids with horsehoe magnets

My youngest K, on the other hand, preferred to drag his red horseshoe magnet through the chickpeas. I guess he wanted to see how many he could pick up using this method or something. But it was sort of like a game. Basically, drag the magnet and see how many magnets you collect. Then remove the magnets, try again, and see if you pick up less or more the next time around.

Exploring magnets with preschoolers in a rainbow chickpeas sensory bin

Close up of magnetic transparent counters stuck to a red horseshoe magnet

And speaking of removing the magnetic counters, pulling them off of the magnet wands is great for fine motor skills practice. Or you could turn it into a counting activity by counting each counter you remove from the magnet. Math, science, sensory, fine motor...that's a lot of skills that can be worked on here!

Magnet play for toddlers and preschoolers using horseshoe magnets

I really love how this magnet sensory bin turned out. It's so bright and colorful! And just plain fun. My kids had a blast with it!

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