Monday, December 22, 2014

DIY Christmas Marble Run with Jingle Bells

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Need a Christmas boredom buster activity? Try this epic Christmas marble run using jingle bells!

Nothing says Christmas like a cardboard tube sword fight or two after wrapping presents. Right?

Well, guess what...those cardboard tubes from wrapping paper can also be used to make your own marble runs at home. Or for bucket drumming, among many other things.

And, since it's Christmas, we're giving it a good ol' seasonal spin by using jingle bells instead of little balls or marbles. So not only will the ball get rolling, but it will make a little music as it does. Jingle all the way, in other words...

So why not try making your own Christmas marble run with jingle bells? Your kids will have a blast and, who knows, you might be able to finish wrapping up all those gifts too.

Make a DIY Christmas marble run for jingle bells as a fun Christmas boredom buster activity

How to Make a DIY Christmas Marble Run for Jingle Bells

You only need a few materials to make your own epic Christmas marble run for jingle bells. You just need to rummage through the recycling bin or finish wrapping gifts first. Just don't use up all the tape in the process because you'll need that too.

Now, you can choose to cut the cardboard tubes like we did, if you want to extend the length of the marble run course. We probably wouldn't have had enough otherwise. Or you can leave them as tubes. It's up to you. Be sure that the jingle bells you are planning to use are going to fit in your tubes.

Also, you might have to experiment with the placement of the tubes as you set it up. That way you can make sure the jingle bells will roll from tube to tube. Or you can simply connect them all into one long path if that makes things easier.

To get the full details on how to set up this Christmas activity, head to CBC Parents to learn more.

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Make a DIY Christmas marble run for jingle bells as a fun Christmas boredom buster activity