Sunday, January 18, 2015

Scented Felt Hearts

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Tips and resources to helps autism families navigate the holiday season

I am trying a new hobby this year: needle felting. So with Valentine's Day right around the corner, I thought I would try making felt hearts. In particular, I wanted to create scented felt hearts for one main reason. Holidays can be overwhelming for kids, like J, who have sensory issues, especially when lots of sugary candy is involved. So I thought  I could create a "smelly Valentine" of sorts to help keep him calm for the upcoming holiday (and inevitable Valentine's party at school). We could even substitute the traditional candy and paper valentines with these felt hearts for his classmates (we would likely do without the scents for that purpose though).

Calm the senses with these DIY scented felt hearts from and Next Comes L

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To create these scented felt hearts, I used:

So these hearts were the first two needle felting projects that I've ever done. Ever. I only poked myself a couple of times and only once did I draw blood. Overall, I am pleased with how they turned out. Thankfully, I followed this great tutorial from Zing Zing Tree on how to needle felt hearts. Except I didn't round the edges as nicely as she did. Once the hearts were formed, I added a drop or two (usually two - not on purpose, by the way - because it drips so quickly!) of lavender essential oil. Then I massaged the oil into the felt and rubbed it around as best as I could. Voila! Scented felt hearts!

They're perfect for little hands to hold. Even if said hands are covered in cheesy chip crumbs and red pen marks. Ahem.

Scented felt hearts for kids from And Next Comes L

Scented felt hearts for kids from And Next Comes L

And they smell amazing! Like seriously, how cute is this photo?? Nailed this photo in one shot people. One shot! *high fives self*

Smelling DIY scented felt hearts from And Next Comes L

These scented felt hearts can easily be tucked into pockets. Then the kids can pull them out when they need a bit of help to calm their senses.

Scented felt hearts are small enough for kids to carry - find out how to make your own at And Next Comes L

Last year we partnered up with House of Burke and Still Playing School to present the Show Me the Love Valentine's series and we've partnered up with them again for this year! Here's what they were up to:

Building Hearts with Blocks from House of Burke
Waterproof Sand Heart Sensory Play from Still Playing School

Show Me the Love Series - Valentine's activities for kids

DIY scented felt hearts from And Next Comes L


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Tips and resources to helps autism families navigate the holiday season


  1. Love that it is small enough to be able to put in a pocket... I am just starting to think about trying essential oils, and lavender is high on my list for my son.

    1. We just started using essential oils just over a year ago. We saw positive results right away. I could never part with my oils now! We rely on lavender and vetiver a lot around here. :)