Thursday, July 04, 2019

Kinetic Sand Potato Head Activity

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Looking for Mr. Potato Head activities for toddlers and preschoolers? Try this simple kinetic sand potato head activity that works on fine motor skills and imaginative play.

This fun sensory activity all started when three year old K declared, "I want to play with kinetic sand." Okay, cool. Let's do that.

While I was grabbing our sensory container for the kinetic sand, I was thinking of what I could pair with it this time...we've done a variety of different things at this point.

Then I stepped on some random limb of Mr. Potato Head. Oh, poor, poor, Mr. Potato Head...

So that's how this kinetic sand potato head activity came to life. Yep, this genius idea was born from toy clutter on the floor...

Kinetic sand potato head activity for toddlers and preschoolers

Kinetic Sand Potato Head Activity: What You'll Need

Similar to our other kinetic sand activities, you won't need much for supplies. Here's what you'll need for this activity:

  • Kinetic sand - The regular brown color works best here as it resembles the color of the potato head body.
  • Mr. Potato Head pieces - You won't need the potato bodies as we'll use the kinetic sand for that. Instead, you'll need the eyes, ears, mouths, shoes, noses, and accessories.

You can simply set out the kinetic sand and potato head pieces. Or you can form big and little balls of kinetic sand for the bodies and set the potato head pieces next to the balls of sand.

Personally, I went with the second option. I helped K form big and little balls of kinetic sand for the bodies, but otherwise the following creations are all his. This activity was such a fun mix of fine motor play, sensory play, and imaginative play. And it was a great way to learn about body parts.

Mr. potato head activity with kinetic sand

How to Use this Potato Head Activity to Teach Body Parts & Language

This kinetic sand Mr. Potato Head activity was also a great way to discuss body parts and build vocabulary and language skills. When your child is playing, you can say things like, "I like that you're adding ears! Ears go on the side of the head." Or you can model some gestalts and scripts such as, "Let's add a hat!" or "What's next?"

Fun way to play with kinetic sand using potato head pieces

You can also describe things and narrate in ways such as, "Oh I see you are putting the hat on his head. Great idea!" Phrases like this make use of prepositions in addition to teaching vocabulary.

Fun way to play with kinetic sand using potato head pieces

And you can explain how to form the body by compacting the kinetic sand or forming it into a ball and then adding it to the shoes. You can use all sorts of awesome verbs and adjectives like hard, squeeze, squish, roll, pat, squish, mold, etc.

Kinetic sand sensory activity for preschoolers and toddlers

Kinetic Sand Creations Using Potato Head Pieces

My youngest, K, had a blast with this activity! Here are a couple of K's kinetic sand potato head creations. First up, "the baby" that features a small body and big facial features.

Kinetic sand potato head activity for kids

And this gorgeous creature is none other than me aka "mommy." He carefully cradled my kinetic sand body from one end of the sensory bin container to the other, chattering away about mommy related things.

Kinetic sand potato head activity for kids

Then somehow from there he moved to "making smoothies" with the kinetic sand. He talked about adding "some sprinkles" and "little bit of cocoa powder." I tell you, this kid is going to be a chef when he grows up! He loves everything about food and cooking.

Anyway, this kinetic sand potato head activity was a big hit! Will you be giving it a try?

Kinetic sand potato head activity for toddlers and preschoolers